5 Reasons Why We Love Our Dads This Father’s Day | Landers CDJR of Norman


Father’s Day has always seemed like a silly holiday – a day
invented by card companies to take money out of our wallets. However, our dads
do so much for us and they deserve a day where we celebrate them and let them
know just how much we appreciate them. Here are five reasons
why we love our dads this Father’s Day:

1. Encouragement

Our dads are always there to pick us up when we are down.
They always know the right thing to say – whether we want to hear it or not.
Whether we’ve just lost a big game, gone through a rough breakup or lost our
job, our dads know exactly what to say. Dads know how to encourage us, and for
that we’re thankful.

2. Laughs

Let’s face it – dads are silly people. The typical “dad,”
wearing long white socks and jean shorts, never fails to make us laugh with his
“dad jokes” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about click here).
Even though our dads can be overly silly and sometimes down-right embarrassing,
they never fail to make us laugh. 

3. Lessons

From teaching us how to ride a bike to teaching us how to
file our taxes, our dads have always been providing life’s most valuable

4. Provision

Even when they are struggling, our dads always provide for
us. When they lose their job or just aren’t feeling well, they always put us
first. We never have to worry about going hungry or not having a place to sleep
because our dads work hard to provide for us.

5. Love

Our dads always love us. Even when they are angry or we
are hard to love, they still love us. They show us what it means to love someone
else and we will have that with us forever.

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