How to get your Truck ready for Hunting season

August 26th, 2019 by

How to get your Truck ready for hunting season | Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Norman


As summer comes to an end, we only have one thing in mind, right? HUNTING SEASON! Yes the season of deer chili, early and very stealthy mornings and wearing all camo is here for a limited time. We know you already have your hunting equipment ready to go, obviously you can’t hunt with the essentials. However, do you have your truck ready for this prime season? We at Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Norman are here to give you some top pointers for how to get your truck ready for hunting season. Keep reading, you won’t want to miss this! 


How to get your Truck ready for Hunting Season: 


  1. Get Clean and Organized – I know I know sounds so silly and simple. Take out things that has nothing to do with your future hunting trips. You know what we mean, the loss stuff in the club compartment or underneath the seats. This will help you take stock of what you might be missing and you will have plenty of room for all your hunting equipment. 
  2. Get a Tonneau Cover – This cover is super useful for any truck set up. This helps to keep your truck bed covered for no matter what weather comes your way, also will keep your hunting gear and accessories out of the rain or bad road conditions. 
  3. Truck Utility Winches – These puppies can make or break (if you don’t have one) your hunting trips. You probably won’t use these for every hunting trip but when your truck gets stuck in the mud these will be your saving grace.
  4. General Maintenance – Another basic suggestion but definitely an overlooked one. Keep your truck up to date with oil changes, windshield wiper fluids and etc. This ensures you and your passengers are safe and will help your truck go the distance for longer periods of time. Here at  Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Norman, we have an amazing service team that can help you out! 


We can’t wait for Hunting season to be here! In the meantime, swing by Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Norman today for all your truck needs. We guarantee you’ll find the perfect truck within our inventory selection.

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